Today I want to talk about that someone. That person who makes you sigh when you wake up in the middle of the night and the first thought that comes into your mind is that someone. That person who makes you smile even when it seems that the world is faded. I want to talk about this person who moves you forward, make you feel that life is going to somewhere. You know, I’m talking about that one who completes and fills you.

Sometimes you could get away a little from that someone, no matter the reason, sometimes it just happens. And you can be kind of fool, because you tries to replace that someone in you heart. To be honest, the missing and the distance hurts you so much in those moments. The best person in the world could appear in your way, but not even that person will replace that someone in your life, because somehow, it seems that God made this someone for you, and you were made for that someone. It seems that everything pretty match when you’re with that someone. And it would not make any sense to live with another person who doesn’t make you laugh as that someone does, yeah, that someone makes you dreams and and that someone looks to you with eyes full of affection.

I want to tell you to take care of that someone, and don’t let that someone go: after all, who would give you those warm and tender hugs? Take care of it and do not give up so easily! You may physically be apart, but magically, distance unites the souls even further. I want to tell you that it is not too usual to find a real love. I want to tell you that you should get up! Go look forward for someone who makes your soul smile, that fills your spirit with joy and composes you just like a naive melody. Look for this one who waters the garden, which soon becomes full of flowers and birds humming. Yes, look forward to your someone, do not let that someone go away.

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Computer Engineer + iOS Engineer. I am interested in Swift, Kotlin, Firebase, Data Structures, ASO & On Solving Real World Problems.

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