Alcivanio (Swift)

Jan 29, 2018

2 min read

First love — a poem

The love of our life should be as our first love.
I think you may remember your first love.
It happened suddenly without explanation
It was as pure like a child’s heart, floats as a plume.

I remember my first love. It was engraved on trees and notebooks.
It was engraved inside a heart drawn on a paper sheet.
And on the other side of that paper, two lines promising eternal love.

We were so silly, don’t you think? But nothing was as precious as that time.
Actually I’d say more: Nothing was as true as that time!

If i could, I’d go back in time. And I wouldn’t change anything. I would just live it again.
Would live again all the exchanging glances, full of innocent smiles.
Would live again the conversations on the way back home.
Would live again the butterflies in the stomach and the inexperience of a first kiss.

A first love is as good as carrot cake with chocolate icing.
As funny as watching Forrest Gump.
As memorable as the first day of school.
And unique, unique as just a first love can be.

The love of our life should be as our first love.
As truly as our first love.
And forever, as our first love.

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